Frequently Asked Questions

Do your Caliper Covers obstruct the Braking System or prevent Heat Dissipation?

Our Caliper Covers do NOT Obstruct the Braking System in any way. Our Covers do not prevent Heat from escaping in fact the properties of the Aluminium allow for an efficient Heat transference similar to a Heat Sink. Further Study and Research is required to confirm our initial test results. Our Caliper Covers actually sit a few MM above the Brake Caliper itself. The Calipers have the same effect as a Rim/ Wheel with a fully covered face design would.

Why don't I just buy an Aftermarket Colored Brake System?

Our product is not intended to emulate a "Big Brake Kit" in any way. They are exactly what we say they are, Caliper Covers. All other products on the market currently wish to create an illusion of having a Colored "Big Brake Kit". Our product is not a Functional Braking System. Aftermarket Braking Systems are very expensive. The Prices range from $3000 to $12000. They are also expensive to maintain versus an OEM setup. Only %1 percent of Users who purchase an Aftermarket Brake System will ever use the possible extra braking power. The extra power would only be useful for Track or Drifting use. Most users buy them for the aesthetic look. We are an alternative to replacing your entire brake system if the only purpose is for aesthetic Look. Our Finish and Design is very desirable and repels dust very well.

Do The ABS Plastic, Fiberglass, Paints and the other Bolt on Caliper Cover systems on the Market Compare to your Product?

NO. The first three solutions look cheap and try to emulate a "Big Brake Kit", not to mention the possible hazards of the plastic and glues. The competitor Bolt on solution also looks cheap and has an awkward size compared to the Wheel and Caliper. They also try to emulate a "Big Brake Kit".

Are the Caliper Covers Secure?

The Caliper Covers are attached to the Brake Calipers using high strength stainless steel using both Lock Washers and Lock Nuts. They are very secure and tight on the Brake Calipers. The Universal Kit allows for an even more secure install using the recommendations of your local Auto Body shop. This can be JB Weld (cold weld), Tack Weld (recommended) and or Steel Screw. The Cover Plates are still removable in ALL cases.

Can I get Custom Logos?

Yes. You can use our standard Company "CS" logo or send us your Vector File for a Custom Logo. We have certain logos on file. You can also choose NO logo.

Will I have Wheel Clearance Issues?

We recommend at least 19" wheels for our products. In some cases spacers may be required. We recommend you have them professionally installed if you have doubt about clearance. In most cases you will not have any issues.


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